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  • 合気道昭和道場
  • 合気道昭和道場
  • 合気道昭和道場
  • 合気道昭和道場
★ Messages from the Dojo Head ★

As of February, the number of enrolled students at Showa Dojo is 39 in the adult division (32 males, 7 females) and 15 in the youth division (6 boys, 9 girls).

(Feb 26, 2024)

Showa Dojo holds practice even on holidays. There will be training on March 20th (Wednesday: Vernal Equinox Day).

(Feb 25, 2024)

Wishing you a successful and joyful New Year!

(Jun 01, 2024)

The New Year’s holiday is from December 29th (Friday) to January 3rd (Wednesday).

(Nov 27, 2023)

The winter examination will be held on December 20th (Wednesday).

(Nov 27, 2023)

Starting Friday, March 17th, wearing masks will be optional.

(March 17th, 2023)