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★ Messages from the Dojo Head ★

Showa Dojo will be closed during Golden Week holidays, from Api 29 through May 5. 

(Api. 15, 2022)

"Messages for the members" ”Next grading examination will be held on Dec. 15 (W)."

(Nov. 19, 2021)

With the lifting of the Emergency Measures Declaration on Oct. 1, Showa Dojo has restored the normal class schedule (For details of practice time for different classes, please see CLASS SCHEDULE). Also, we will continue to accept Dojo visits, trial training, and new enrollment during the time. For inquiries about Showa Dojo, please contact the following Dojo email address.

(Oct. 5, 2021)

Showa Dojo Activities after the COVID-19 Outbreak: In 2020, Showa Dojo had to temporarily close in early March through late June due to the coronavirus pandemic.
During this time, we worked on the preparation of plans for the prevention of the coronavirus contagion. We reopened the dojo in late June and started our practice according to the “Guidelines for the Participation in Aikido Practice.”
We have been able to continue practice utilizing such measures as thorough sterilization, temperature checks, mask-wearing on and off the mats, and no talking during practice, without any case of contagion.
Since January 14, 2021 when the Emergency Measures Declaration was issued, we have decided to stop practice at 8 pm and conduct classes in a complete non-contact fashion.
In the beginning, when we resumed practice last June, we were skeptical about the use of a non-contact practice, as Aikido is a contact sport. However, it has become increasingly evident that it is a very useful way to learn accurate body movements including footwork for each of Tori and Uke (i.e. partners of a pair).
Today our members are truly enjoying non-contact Aikido practice.

(February 5, 2021)