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Q:What was your motive for learning Aikido?
A:I’m a Nagoya University international student. Back in my country I knew an aikido instructor (5th Dan) who introduced me to ideas and
  concepts behind Aikido. I was really impressed, so I wanted to try it when I came to Japan.
  I think that Aikido’s philosophy and techniques are a great combination for personal and social development.
Q:What was your reason for choosing Showa Dojo?
A:The first reason was the possibility to be helped by English speaking instructors and “senpais.”
  Secondly, almost all instructors and assistant instructors are of high level/grade Aikidoists,
  which means learning from various experienced people.
Q:What is your message for those who are considering to learn Aikido?
A:Aikido seems like a perfect combination of mind and physical development, something that can contribute to and
  enrich your life. It is not always easy, but very rewarding.
  It is something you can do for a whole lifetime, so it seems, and still learn something new every time.
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